Prabhakar Singh


Center for Clean Energy Engineering

Ph.D., University of Sheffield, England (1978)

Current Research

  • High temperature bulk and interfacial processes in electrochemical and combustion based energy conversion systems
  • Development of corrosion tolerant alloys and coatings for complex environment applications
  • Advanced fuel cells including solid oxide fuel cell, molten carbonate fuel cells and direct borohydride fuel cells

Professional Activities

Chairman and Organizer: SOFC Symposium, 36th International Conference on Advanced Ceramics and Composites, American Ceramic Society 201
Member: American Ceramic Society
Member: American Society for Metals
Member: National Association of Corrosion Engineers
Associate Editor: International Journal of Fuel Cell Science and Engineering
Guest Editor: International Journal of Advanced Ceramics
Guest Editor: Journal of Materials, Engineering and Performance
Guest Editor: International Journal Applied Ceramic Technology (ACerSoc)
Associate Editor: Journal Fuel Cell Technology – ASME

Current Research Group

Post Doctoral Fellow Ph.D. Students
Manoj Mahapatra
Kailash Patil
Le Ge
Michael Keane
Alex Lassman
Na Li
Keling Zhang

Research Statement

Professor Singh’s research interests include quantification of oxide vaporization in humidified environment, accelerated corrosion under dual atmosphere exposure conditions, electrode –electrolyte interface degradation under electrolysis conditions, enzymatic sulfur clean up from bio derived fuels and carbon capture utilizing a solid –liquid agglomerated adsorbent. His research programs focus on materials and processes development related to:

• Accelerated Cr evaporation from Fe and Ni base alloys in humidified air atmosphere
• Surface barrier coatings consisting of aluminizing and spinel surface layer
• Mechanistic understanding of electrode –electrolyte interface separation during steam electrolysis
• Accelerated carbon dioxide capture using molten salt
• Microstructural modifications in ceramic matrix structure of MCFC
• Enhanced corrosion and breakdown of surface scale during simultaneous exposure to oxidizing and reducing atmospheres
• Bio fuel desulfurization utilizing liquid enzymatic process
• Composite ceramic powder synthesis for SOFC and SOEC
• Oxide dissolution and precipitation in molten salt systems

Previous Positions

2000-2009 Fuel Cell Development Director, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL)
1998-2000 Technical Specialist and Manager, Ford Motor Company
1986-1998 Fellow Scientist and Team Leader, Siemens Westinghouse Corporation
1982-1986 Program Manager, FuelCell Energy
1980-1982 Materials Scientist, General Electric Co.
1978-1980 Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Pittsburg

Awards & Honors

2008 Fellow Washington Academy of Sciences
2008 Fellow National Association of Corrosion Engineers
2008 Scientific and Technical Achievement Award – PNNL
2006 Outstanding Performance Award – PNNL
2006 Plenary speaker, Taiwan SOFC workshop, Taipei
2003 Fellow, American Ceramic Society
1998 Fellow, American Society for Metals
1990 George Westinghouse Award of Innovation
1988 George Westinghouse Award of Excellence

Recent Publications

Advances in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells VI , Edited by Prabhakar Singh and Narottam P. Bansal, Ceramic Engineering and Science Proceedings Volume 31, Issue 4, 2010 John Wiley and Sons.

Yang, Z., Stevenson, J.W., Singh, P., Corrosion and Protection and Metallic Interconnects in Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, edited by R. Jones and G. Thomas, Materials for Hydrogen Economy, CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL, 2007).

Zhou, X., Singh, P., Oxide Ion Conducting Electrolytes, edited by R. Jones and G. Thomas, Materials for Hydrogen Economy, CRC Press (Boca Raton, FL, 2007).

Sadykov, V., Mezentseva, N., Usoltsev, V., Sadovskaya, E., Ishchenko, A., Pavlova, S., et al. (2010). Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Composite Cathodes Based on Perovskite and Fluorite Structures. Journal of Power Sources, 196, pp 7104-7109, 2011.

Anandakumar, G, Li, N, Verma, A, Singh, P, Kim, JH, Thermal Stress and Probability of Failure Analyses of Functionally Graded Solid Oxide Fuel Cells, Journal of Power Sources 195 (19), pp. 6659-6670, 2010.

Chou, YS., Stevenson, JW, Singh, P, Effect of Pre-oxidation and Environmental Aging on the Seal Strength of a Novel High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell (SOFC) Sealing Glass with Metallic Interconnect, Journal of Power Sources 184 (1), pp. 238-244, 2008.

Chou, YS., Stevenson, JW, Singh, P, Effect of Aluminizing of Cr-containing Ferritic Alloys on the Seal Strength of a Novel High-temperature Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Sealing Glass, Journal of Power Sources 185 (2), pp. 1001-1008, 2008.

King, DL, Strohm, JJ, Wang, XQ, Roh, HS, Wang, C, Chin, YHm Wang, Y, Singh, P, Effect of Nickel Microstructure on Methane Steam-reforming Activity of NI-YSZ Cermet Anode Catalyst, Journal of Catalysis 258 (2), pp. 356-365, 2008.

Yang, Z., Xia, GG, Wang, CM, Nie, Z, Templeton, J., Stevenson, JW, Singh, P, Investigation of Iron-chromium-niobium-tita

Contact Information
Phone(860) 486-8379
Mailing Address44 Weaver Road, Unit 5233
Office LocationC2E2-120