Month: June 2012

Dr. Yu Lei Received 2010-2011 Top-Cited Author Award

lei_yu_profileChemical Engineering Professor Yu Lei has received the 2010-2011 Top-Cited Author Award from the prestigious journal Biosensors and Bioelectronics for two separate papers.  Elsevier B.V., an international publishing company focused on medical and scientific literature, awards this honor.  The first paper, entitled “Electrospun Hemoglobin Microbelts Based Biosensor for Sensitive Detection of Hydrogen Peroxide and Nitrite,” was co-authored with Environmental Engineering Professor Baikun Li, and former Chemical Engineering graduate students Dr. Yu Ding and Dr. Ying Wang. The second, “Electrospun Co3O4 Nanofibers for Sensitive and Selective Glucose Detection,” was co-authored with former graduate students Dr. Yu Ding and Dr. Ying Wang, current graduate student Liang Su, former undergraduate student Michael Bellagamba, and IMS technician Dr. Heng Zhang. Both papers were published in 2010. The majority of Dr. Lei’s research focuses on the development of various biosensors for applications in medicine, the environment, food, and agriculture, making Biosensors and Bioelectronics the top journal in his specialization.

UConn Filed Two Patents

(Left to right) Graduate student Ying Wang and Dr. Yu Lei

Both in the United States and abroad, an increasing concern has arisen in recent years regarding the use of explosives in terrorist attacks.  UConn Castleman Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering Yu Lei and graduate student Ying Wang have developed two patented sensing technologies to ultra-sensitively detect explosives in vapor phase, solid phase, and aqueous samples.  The patents are entitled “Explosives detection substrate and methods of using the same” (US Patent, 2012) and “Explosives detection polymer comprising functionalized polyamine polymers and methods of using the same” (US Provisional Patent, 2012). Various field tests for real applications are underway.

ChEg Assistant Professor Jeff McCutcheon on Membrane Technology and Water Purification

mccutcheon_jeffrey_profileChEg Assistant Professor Jeff McCutcheon on Membrane Technology and Water Purification. The School of Engineering has launched a short videotaped lecture about Jeff McCutcheon’s reseach. His work focuses on membrane systems and how these porous filters can utilize the ocean to solve the water crisis both for parched developing countries and for industries that rely heavily on water. Watch the video